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Hitting 1 Million

It took us nearly 13 years to reach this incredible milestone of hitting a 7 figure net wealth and scoring our first million. I was 30, and Mrs MoneyPlant 29. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager and I’m still so incredibly grateful for the position we find ourselves in.

If you were to sit on the sidelines and observe our journey from the very beginning, then you might make a few comparisons between us and the famous fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare”.

Just in case it’s new to you, the fable follows a speedy Hare and a slow Tortoise. The Hare was making fun of the tortoise for being so slow, so they agreed to a race to prove it once and for all. As you’d expect, the Hare was out of sight almost immediately as the race started. The Tortoise meanwhile kept going, slowly but steadily, until eventually… passed the Hare who had taken a nap. Just as the Tortoise was about to cross the finish line, the Hare woke up, but it was too late.

The fable’s message is that the winner of race doesn’t always go to the fastest.
I really feel like our life has been the Tortoise. Our wealth was built slowly, but surely. It took a long time but every single month we got closer and closer to our goal. This year especially I’ve seen so many people hit huge success with Crypto, which admittedly I haven’t been confident enough to ‘invest’ in. There are some tortoises among the group, but a lot are Hares who may or may not capitalise on their success long time. For all the tortoises out there, I want you to know that while slow and steady isn’t exciting, it is consistent, and it does work, so don’t’ worry when the Hares seem to overtake you with ease. Some win, some fall asleep, and some even run backwards.

The four not so secret steps to becoming a millionaire

If you’re reading this hoping to obtain the secret of becoming a millionaire, then you’ve come to the right place. There are some amazing resources online on becoming a millionare, but unfortunately most of them are written by people hoping to score big and haven’t actually experienced it themselves. You wouldn’t take fitness advice from someone incredibly overweight and sedentary, so why take financial advice from someone who has less money then you do?

We’ve acheived it, and you can do by:

  1. Earn an income (The more the better)
  2. Spend less then you earn (This is crucial)
  3. Save/invest the difference (This is what will build your wealth and keep you ahead)
  4. Repeat. Every. Single. Month.
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