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I originally started the page to keep myself accountable and found so much more than that. You’ll find a whole community out there if you look in the right places, people that are doing their own thing, but will support and encourage you along the way.

The Beginning…

We were 21 and about to become parents. We had been together for 5 years prior to that, but always had separate finances. We knew we had to start saving quickly to get enough for a house deposit if we wanted our own space. By 22, we had a 50k deposit saved and were able to take out a mortgage on a little home where we still live today. Renting wasn’t an option, as I had become homeless at 16 and knew that I wanted to secure something to call my own to ensure that I was never going to be in that situation again.

We were always trying to grocery shop on a budget and review our options before making a big purchase, but would spend most of our excess money on things we probably didn’t need, without having a future plan. Nobody we knew invested in shares or property, so it stayed in the “too risky” area for quite some time as it was unknown to us. My family lived week to week and finances were never something to discuss, only ever something that created arguments. I remember moving countries because of debt. My husband’s family had the attitude that money was to be spent, not saved. So we came from opposite lifestyles, with conflicting money stories.

Fast forward to 26…

It wasn’t until we were 26 that we stumbled across the Barefoot Investor book and later the debt free community on Instagram. These two seeds were planted and continued to grow. I say we, because my husbands money was part of the plan, but really, he had zero interest in any of it. He still lived in the moment and believed he worked too hard to live on a budget. We focused on paying anything extra to our mortgage and were able to pay it off within a few years of hard work, now with two kids in tow.

Fast forward to 29…

We started investing and became curious about the FIRE movement. I still say we, but I really mean I. We are a team, we share finances, so his money is part of the plan, but again he has about 10% interest in our finances now (a small but wonderful improvement). Now that this fire has started, there is no putting it out. We find any resources we can to learn and grow more every day, tracking our net worth and working towards freedom. Connecting with others on a similar journey has helped to keep us motivated and inspire us further. I remember hearing about this concept many years ago and literally not even thinking it could be possible for us.

Reaching $100k…

Somewhere during that timeframe, we reached 100k in net worth while we weren’t paying attention. It is now something we are conscious about, as we intentionally build a solid foundation of first generational wealth for us and our children. We aim to role model all of the money habits we have learnt along the way to them and age appropriately share information and experiences to support a growth mindset. Imagine unlocking the magic of compounding interest a whole lot earlier in life.

Words of Advice…

What would I tell my younger self if I could go back in time? Start today. Google the meaning of financial independence, passive income, investing.. keep searching, read the books, build your financial literacy. Continue to learn and grow, making changes to your life and finances accordingly.

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