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Hey Everyone!

Welcome, and thank you for joining for this months update, August 2021.

Total Net Wealth = $988,948!?


We increased our total net wealth by 3% this month to $988,948?!!
Holy..damn… I think we’re going to hit the 1 million before MrsMoneyPlant turns 30 in December…. so close… Our net wealth was increased 40% in the last 12 months, from $700k to $988k. Who on Earth would have thought that a global pandemic (that’s still here) would have such a crazy rush on the stock market *shrugs*, strange times.


  • Realised we’re nearly millionaries!!
  • Made $1,183 in side hobby income
  • First Morgage Repayments, urgh
  • Brought new tools for house renos!


Our expenses are being largest expense, but when dividend season arrives we’ll dump even more into the offeset to hopefully get that a bit more under control.

The market has been absolutely insane this year. COVID is still rampant and we’re 40% up? It really doesn’t make sense so we’re not taking the credit for anything, we’ll continue to save money into our offset and set some of our shares to DRP.

The website is still under construction (I’ll publish this post once it’s up) I’ve hand drawn all the illustrations so its taken abit longer then normal but all the graphics are done.. now to actually make it into a website, eek!

If you’re reading this, then I managed to finally figure it out, to some extent haha 🙂


You know what’s really cool? You can do this too… We started about 12 years ago with $0, and the first few years we were on really low wages. I was on $12 an hour and MrsMoneyPlant as at university studying and working part-time in a minimum wage retail position. We’ve been lucky on some investments, and unlucky in others, but its the slow and steady that we have confidence in.

Save a bit of your pay every single week, forever, and don’t touch it. It’ll grow eventually, you got this! ☘

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