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Hey Everyone!

Okay so December 2021 review.. this month has been full of ups and downs! Let me dive right in!


  • Updated our property value from $781,000 to $825,000 (5%)
  • Received a nice dividends this month ($2200)
  • Purchased a kitchen from IKEA ($4100)
  • Spent some money on ourselves for Christmas ($2500)
  • Taking a bit more time to relax after a really full on year

Total Net Wealth = $1,085,442


We were in isolation for 7 days due to COVID at a workplace (We were both negative, phew!) which meant we continued our renovations work on the house and had a huge money win.

We saved $900 from IKEA by questioning a strange price difference between our printouts. Our kitchen cabinetry came to $4100, and after spotting a mistake the IKEA lady re-printed the list and it was re-adjusted to $5000! Turns out IKEA was mid-way through a store-wide price adjustment and our kitchen went up around 20% in price in literally a few seconds. Fortunately, they honoured the price of the first printout, phew! That was close…

It’s been quieter on MoneyPlant this month as I’m trying to balance everything in moderation. I’ve been stressed before and this is very much a passion project, so I want to keep it fun, and I’m sure the world will go on if I don’t post every single day 😀

This month we also updated our Property value. We purchased for $781,000 around June 2021 and readjusted the value to $825k (5%) after a house in a more challenging condition sold at auction for $825k on our street. Not sure what our property is currently worth but it’s definitely worth more then that, so we’ll use that as a baseline for a while.

This brings our total net wealth to a crazy 1.08 million! Woohoo! Up nearly 8% from last month (Around $77k). Just crazy… The share market had a strong month this month. Our goal is to hit 2 million outside of super to support our income if we decide to transition to part-time work, so far so good.

We had $18k come in, with a nice $2,286 dividend hitting the account. We also made $350 from side hustles selling unwanted furniture around the house.
The unusual expenses this month were some splurge items for Xmas $2.5k, and our new Kitchen cabinets for $4k.

If you’ve hit $100k in net wealth and would like to work together to publish your story, hit me up on Instagram!

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“Slow and Steady” – Mr MoneyPlant

Till next time…

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