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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the new year, 2022! This month was pretty laid back as we were on holidays for around 2-3 weeks over Christmas.¬†Nothing too major to report…February we need to renew our car insurance so I’ll be doing a comparison and posting our results, so keep a look out for our discovery.

This year we’re hoping to achieve a healthy balance with our spending, prioritizing more experiences, holidays and luxury items (that make our life a little easy) as COVID has had a mental impact on our wellbeing (we usually travelled internationally at least 1-2 times a year)

Anyway, let’s take a look at the January 2022 review ?


  • Mini market crash in January
  • Purchased $10k of shares
  • Received $1,240 in dividends
  • Mrs MoneyPlant started her new job

Total Net Wealth = $1,076,924


This month was quite interesting to watch from the sidelines. There were so many ‘Market is crashing’ videos I saw on IG & FB which was a bit surprising (I didn’t think there would be much hype/news over it all). The lowest drop over January was ~8.5% (From 1st Jan to 27th), however there was a little bounce back at the end of the month and it only ended up being down 6.6%, which isn’t great, but it’s not the end of the world kind of news that was spruiked everywhere. I guess the huge 30% drop at the start of COVID (between Feb-March 2020) is still fresh in my mind so everything seems pretty mild in comparison to that month.

For a long term investor, these variations are just part of the market and are primarily driven by supply and demand (and the way people react to things, are all quite strange), the little dips aren’t something to get stressed over ?

Will the share market be around in 20 years? If so, you have nothing to worry about, if not.. you probably have bigger things to worry about then money.

These dips are a good opportunity to throw a bit more money into the market. We ended up purchasing $10k worth of index funds in January and got a nice little discount doing so. For those new to investing, a 5-10% drop is really good exposure and a great opportunity to reflect on your emotions.

  1. How did you feel watching your portfolio value go down?
  2. Was it a positive, or negative reaction?
  3. How can you prepare yourself for the next one?

These are all important questions to ask. For us, we don’t like seeing our portfolio value go down (who would?..) but the silver lining is that things are cheaper, and over the long term, can offer really good value.

Let’s talk more about the finances for the month

We saw a 0.74% drop in our net worth this month, which was around $10k or so, nothing too major, and was offset by quite a large salary deposit into our account. Mrs MoneyPlant started her new job in January which meant her existing job paid her out the remaining of her leave.

We had $30k come into the account, and $27k leave (The three biggest expenses being a $10k share purchase, nearly $7k of tax, followed by $2k of mortgage repayments) Our dividends were automatically reinvested, and selling furniture and doing odd jobs for people here and there, we made $2k as well ?

House Update

Work on the house is progressing, albeit slowly. Our first quote to do the electrical wiring of the kitchen / loungeroom / switchboard was $9k, I was thinking it would be more around the $4k mark especially considering that there is hardly any plasterboard everywhere and all the older stuff is already removed, so we’ll get a few more quotes and see how it goes. Getting there slowly!

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“Slow and Steady” – Mr MoneyPlant

Till next time…

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