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Hey Everyone!

Can I just put out the glaring elephant in the room that is the 7 figure mark BEING SO DAMN CLOSE I can almost touch it! Oh… 7 figure million… how you taunt me so…

Total Net Wealth = $997,000


Last month as you may have read was pretty frustrating with tradies, and sadly this month is no better, and probably a bit worst. Our kitchen sink had a leak within the stud wall, which upon investigation, meant that our cabinetry, drywall and studs were all soaked. Not great! We rang up a few plumbers to get some quotes and all of them wanted at least $100 just to come up and quote, which was a bit crazy… so instead we moved into our granny flat to begin early renovations. We plan on completely gutting the kitchen, removing all the floor planks, sanding the original floorboards, building an IKEA kitchen ourselves (with the help of some trades when we can get them) and spending some cash while we’re at it.

Fortunately, we’ll be adding value adding to our property so our net wealth shouldn’t drop at all. Speaking of property.. we’ve been here about 4 months now and the market is still crazy hot. For those homeowners who are reading, how often do you get an evaluation done to update your net wealth? How do you even get it valued?.. so many questions! Let me know in the comments!

We got a bunch of dividends this month which was exciting ($3500)
We sold a bunch of built-in wardrobes and other bits and peices from removing elements of the house that we don’t need, which was an extra $900! Mrs MoneyPlants work finally paid her 3 months of super this month, so that boosted super, and… we purchased $20k of Vanguard earlier in the month, so that blew our expenses out (In the best possible way though right?!)

Instagram continues to be a tonne of fun! Hopefully this month I post some stories for the $0 to $100k community which has been just wonderful! So many positive comments and I’ve loved working with some of you developing and publishing your incredible stories.

If you’ve hit $100k in net wealth and would like to work together to publish your story, hit me up on Instagram!

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  • Received some nice dividends this month ($3500)
  • Got paid for some website work, yay $240
  • Blog has been going well and I’m learning tonnes and earning money from my skills.
  • $0 to $100k Community gained a lot of traction, I think people are really enjoying it ?
  • Completed our tax return, owing nearly $7,000 ?
  • Purchased $20k of VDHG


$996k. It’s getting pretty unbelievable because.. we’re just so average. You know how you complete your tax and look at that ‘Taxable Income’ figure and say…where did it all go?

Well the biggest difference, and what we really strive for, is to be able to answer that question as accurately as we can. We know where we spend our cash, and back when you used to recieve tax returns, the entire amount went towards buying assets. I think that’s what is so crazy about our journey so far, is that it’s so simple.

  1. Make money through working
  2. Don’t waste it
  3. Buy assets
  4. Repeat

Income this month was boosted by Mrs MoneyPlants employer finally paying into her super. They collect and keep her super contributions in their account and only pay it quarterly, which is really annoying as we miss out on quite alot of capital growth (but it’s legal so not much we can do to change it) We got $3500 in dividends, and about $900 for selling a bunch of stuff around the house!

We had some pretty big expenses this month, but.. the bulk of it was buying more VDHG, which is the best kind of expense! Our 2nd largest bill was tax, followed by morgage repayments, and then everything else.

That’s a wrap! I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween this year, I had lots of fun drawing ourselves as spooky characters haha, hope they were spooky enough!

Till next time…

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