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Hey Everyone!

Welcome, and thank you for joining me Septembers update. This month we struggle moving forward with renovations and the one million mark moves a little further away…

Total Net Wealth = $984,953


This month has been abit frustating with renovation plans. Finding a good tradie is really difficult at the moment. We thought we had a great electrician and were moving forward with electical works and solar but unfortunately the company we’ve been working with has been stuffing us around recently. Unfortunately their quotes have been ALL over the place, and we just don’t feel confident in their business anymore, so back to the drawing board and searching for more tradies we can work with! (If you’re in Brisbane and know any amazing electricians, hit me up!)


  • Market had a rough month, so we’re down
  • We purchased $20k of ETF
  • Website went live this month, yay!
  • Announced $0 to $100k Community
  • $1600 in Dividends


September 2021 Dashboard

Well this is awkward.. lol ?

How do you feel when your net wealth drops? In the early days it was quite a hit, but these days it’s all just part of the swing, actually there might be an analogy here… A swing is built to go up and down, and you can get the rush of adrenaline as you reach for the sky, but the swing can’t keep going up all the time (This isn’t a great analogy.. I’m going to stop here)

Moral of the story is that wealth can flatuate, and that’s pretty normal. When you start investing larger amounts in the share market, your daily value can go up/down by $1000’s, which is why forming healthy habits at the start is so essential. When you purchased your first share, did you refresh the price constantly to see if it went up? Don’t worry, I did too, but the less you do it, the better off you’ll feel and the easier it gets to buy investments 🙂

So, a little bit about us… we love to get a great bargin, and sometimes that can come across as being ‘cheap’, but that couldn’t be further from reality. We like to live frugally, in a sense that we search for the best bang for buck, which can sometimes be the most expensive option surprisingly enough. I like to define it as simply being efficient with our spending 🙂

This month, because the market dropped off abit, we decided to drop $20k into our ETF. Mrs MoneyPlants portfolio is almost the same as mine now so that should help in being a little bit more tax effective. As they say… when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! (Of course, the market can totally go back up now though! haha)

In other news, the Blog went live this month and I’ve had some really positive comments and feedback, so thank you everyone! I’m really excited about the $0-100k community and so I’ll focus on this abit more and see what it turns into.

We also just got back from the long weekend which was wonderful. Even though we both have huge to-do lists… it was stressing us both out, so to forcefully be disconnected from the hussle and bussle of our fast-paced digital lifestyle and to enjoy company with friends couldn’t have come at a better time 🙂

Hopefully next month we get one step closer to the big 7 figures!!


Some questions to ponder on..

1. How do you feel when your net wealth drops?
2. How often do you put your mental health before the next deadline?
3. Do you like lemonade?

Until next time!

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